-Solid Flooring (19 mm)

Solid hardwood flooring is the more traditional flooring used. With a 19mm overall thickness, floor boards can be laid directly over bearers and joists. Most boards will have a tongue and groove profile to allow boards to join together. Solid flooring has 6-7mm wear layer allowing it to be sanded back and refinished several times after wear and tear.

A Guide to Hardwood Flooring Sydney

Renovator Auctions provides a detailed overview of the different types of wood that is used to make hardwood. Wood floors have been used in homes for generations and they are timeless and elegant. The hardwood species that are used are maple, oak, birch, elm, chestnut, cherry, hickory and more. All the wood species have their own unique characteristics so knowing what they are and why you might need to have them is essential when looking for hardwood flooring.

Hardwood and wooden flooring are generally made of one of the two main species of hard wood; oak and maple. Oak and maple are the densest and strongest hardwood species. Maple and oak are the primary species used in residential and commercial applications. However, many species of hard wood are now available that are just as beautiful, but cost much less. ( hardwood flooring sydney cost )

Other soft wood species are also available, but most people prefer hard woods as they are easier to maintain and they last longer than softwoods. Hardwood and wood flooring has its benefits over softwood, including their resistance to stains, oils and water. However, hardwoods also have their disadvantages and this article will cover these.

One disadvantage of wood and hard wood flooring is that it takes longer to install than soft wood or laminate flooring. Hardwoods need extra preparation can take weeks to complete depending on the grade and the type of wood you choose.

Another disadvantage of hardwood floors is the fact that if your property is built on a slope the wood may chip and warp when wet. If you choose the wrong grade of wood the wood will also expand and contract with the soil on the surface. Checkout our Online site on Hardwood Flooring

Where To Buy Hardwood Flooring in Sydney at Auction Price?

Hardwood and wood flooring can also be prone to staining. You may find that some hardwoods do stain better than others but if you do decide to stain your hardwood floors, you may have to spend time sanding and refinishing the wood.

Some hardwoods also need regular polishing to prevent scratches. and nicks.

A Guide to Hardwood Flooring is not exhaustive of all the issues associated with wood and hardwood. You should consider these issues and look at the advantages and disadvantages of wood and hardwood floors before making a decision.

As mentioned above, one disadvantage of wood and hardwood floors is that they take longer to install. In addition, if your house is built on a slope your hardwood flooring will chip and warp if wet when heavy traffic is encountered.

The advantage of wood and hardwood flooring is that they are resistant to stains, oils and water. This means that there are no worries about maintaining and refinishing wood and hardwood flooring once it has been installed. Most wood and hardwood flooring will not rot in a dry environment. However, if there is a lot of moisture in the air you may have to repaint your wood flooring after a period of time, as most wood flooring will warp when wet.

Wood and hardwood floors also come in a variety of finishes, such as stain or painted. While stained wood and hardwood flooring does have benefits it can also have disadvantages as well. Some people prefer a natural color, while others prefer to have a wood grain.

The most popular types of wood for wood floors are oak and maple, which are also the most expensive, although oak is more dense and stronger than maple. For the most part, maple is the least expensive choice. Renovator Auctions also sells Hardwood Flooring 19mm overall thickness just like bunnings.

Hardwood and wood flooring also comes in a variety of price ranges. You will want to choose a product that meets your needs and budget.

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