It’s rare, but sometimes DIYer’s inspiration runs a little dry, even when renovator-auctions-need-some-renovation-supplies-inspirationthere’s a huge range of renovation supplies at our showroom, just waiting to enthuse you. However, help is at your fingertips!                       There is a massive range of awesome apps -full of all sorts of inspiration, waiting to be downloaded onto your smartphone. But, soooo many are listed, it would take up way too much valuable renovating time to work your way through them all. So we’ve put together this list of our faves and you can get back to tackling your renovation supplies as quick as you can.                                                                                                               Note – we’ve focused on apps we think would most benefit ‘home handymen’ or DIYers without a huge amount of renovation experience. And we’ve put a limit on only free iOS and Android apps. Click here to find out more.