Electrolux 8kg heat pump dryer EDH803CEWA


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Electrolux heat pump dryer has the capacity to dry 8 kg (1kg the weight of one dry towel) or one queen doona, A heat pump dryer dries fabrics more carefully and efficiently than other types of dryers, which protects clothes and helps with power bill savings. Heat pump dryers don’t need to be vented outside so they’re perfect if you’re renting. Its very high 7 star energy rating allows you to save energy, 13 types of drying programs, so you can program each load of laundry for the best results. It features bedding, delicates, refresh, iron dry, and anti-crease programs. The Electrolux heat pump dryer has a delayed start setting.

Model EDH803CEWA

12 months parts & labour warranty with Electrolux

Item is a B catagory-may have a scratch or dent. Inspect and Pick up from our Liverpool Warehouse.

Measurements 850mm high x 600mm wide x  600mm deep,


Out of stock

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