As you already know, Renovator Auctions Sydney is a building and renovations showroom restocked with budget friendly new materials, product overruns and ex-display stock every week. Nearly everything professional and home handyman builders, and renovators could possibly need has been listed here at one auction, or another. However, we understand that not everyone is familiar with our Renovator Auctions Sydney procedures, so we’ve been busy putting together these guides to help you become more confident with the bidding process.

It’s a good idea to check out A Beginner’s Guide to Bidding – part 1, as well as reading this info-sheet.

Come And Visit Our Showrooms On A Day When An Auction Is Taking Place.

The more you come and visit our Auctions Sydney, the more at home you’ll feel. If you understand the process our auctions take, the easier it will become when it comes to bidding on the building and renovating goods and materials you need.

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