Treated pine is a popular outdoor timber. It resists insects,fungi and moulds and is an economical, durable material for many building and home improvement projects.

What are H3 and H4 treatment levels?

Different processes are used to treat pine. The Hazard Class rating scale recommends levels of treatment, depending on intended application. The scale ranges from H1 for light, above-ground protection, through to H6 for in-ground or marine use, protecting against severe decay from moisture, marine borers and termites.

Treatments range from the lightest water-borne (H1) and solvent-borne chemical solutions, to additional oil-borne preservatives, which have more water-resistant qualities, at treatment levels of H4 and above.

H3 treated pine is recommended for above-ground, exterior applications such as decking and framing. H4 treated pine is required for in-ground, external uses, like posts for pergolas and fencing.It is also important to know the Hazard Level rating, so you choose the right chemical resealing compound to reseal any cuts made.

Up to H3 level, a suitable water-resistant, surface finishing stain or paint is required,to reduce the effects of weathering and moisture.

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