Want the benefits and beauty of timber decking for entertaining friends and family, or spreading out to enjoy your own peaceful space? Renovator Auctions supplies and provides well-priced timber, decking ideas and advice on how to build a deck.

Hardwood, Treated Pine and Cypress Pine are three very popular choices for home renovators to create a fabulous look and feel, while enjoying a hard-wearing finish.

  • Hardwood comes in a wonderful variety of timbers and shades, with unique and individual grains, and has the best overall durability for long-lasting, valuable additions to your home. Many varieties are insect and fire resistant, and less likely to get marked or scratched. As the years go by, their finish can easily be pepped up with sanding and resealing. Buying through Renovator Auctions is a smart way to get a bargain price when buying hardwood, which is typically the more costly option in decking timber.
  • Treated Pine is always popular for resistance to insects and fungal infection, plus it typically costs less than other timbers. Ideal for warmer weather areas, pine reflects heat and stays cooler, so you can kick off the shoes and enjoy the freedom of bare feet. Though a softer wood than others, it still presents with very viable durability and strength for building a deck.
  • Cypress Pine is another timber with natural resistance to fungal and termite infection. Affordably priced, it offers a light-toned uplift for decking areas, with its unique grains and inviting shades.

Come in for helpful advice on how to build a deck and find great bargains at our timber auctions, weekly on Wednesdays, at 10am.

Decking – Hardwood

Decking – Treated Pine

Decking – Cypress Pine

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