With easy installation and great durability, globally-popular Engineered flooring is the compelling, simple alternative to hardwood floor boards! Call in to Renovator Auctions for a fantastic selection of Australian hardwood engineered timber flooring at prices you’ll just love.

Quite separate and distinct from laminate or veneer floors, an engineered floor consists of boards of multi-layered plywood, hard, and/or softwood, securely bonded together, with a thicker upper layer, or ‘lamella’, of hardwood. They are designed to fit together easily and consistently, and are an obvious and stylish choice, particularly for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as there are no gaps for dust to gather.

Available at Renovator Auctions in their natural, unique grains, these pre-finished boards look and feel great! They are already coated in multiple layers of lacquer, with a strong, clear gloss applied, so these durable and scratch-resistant floors require no sanding or painting from you!

Engineered floors resist swelling and shrinkage extremely well and are typically very stable. Although not recommended for wet areas of the home, they do have far better resistance to humidity and weather variations than the old hardwood floor boards. Plus they can be sanded and refinished to restore the surface and lustre after extended wear.

Engineered flooring Sydney also come in wider sizes than standard 140mm hardwood planks—as wide as 186mm, 200mm and more—and can be installed by floating or gluing over a level surface such as concrete, tiles, vinyl, subflooring, and even your old timber flooring.

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