New Toilet Suite

New Toilet Suite

Are you over that old leaking toilet or cracked toilet bowl in your home? The last thing you need is to be endlessly wasting water with an inefficient system (or cistern!). The good news is that Renovator Auctions has a wide range of different model toilets on offer each week at our Saturday auctions, from 10 am.

Have a look at our catalogue , or come in to inspect the models available here at our huge Sydney showrooms at Liverpool. If you thought luxury bathrooms were something that only others could afford, think again. You’ll be relieved to see the savings you can make with the quality stock that passes through our Sydney auction rooms.

Elongated, round, dual and single flush model toilets, and much more awaits you to fit out your new bathroom renovation or just replace your existing, tired old toilet. Any time is the right time for better water conservation and a stunning clean new look for your bathroom.

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