parq-crossParquetry floors offer the home renovator the opportunity to create exciting designs by laying varied length and width blocks of engineered timber in interlinking patterns, like a mosaic. They come in template designs or can be arranged as your own imagination dictates. The range of grains, sizes and colours at Renovator Auctions really give you some excellent choices to work with, at prices that allow you to do so much more!

Like other overlay flooring, parquetry floating floors can be installed on a clean, dry, level surface, such as a concrete slab, subflooring, or existing timber floors. They are easy to clean and, in the longer term, to sand and refinish. The durability and thickness of the blocks makes good solid flooring for high-usage areas; and because they are in smaller pieces, they can easily be lifted out and replaced if there is ever need in areas of heavy wear or damage, or for access to pipes or wiring underneath.

The floors are generally more stable than conventional floorboards, especially in conditionswith temperature or moisture variations where shrinkage or expansion might otherwise happen. They are not recommended for bathrooms, laundries or wet areas, but do make a smart and stylish choice for many other home and commercial spaces.

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Colours Available


Brush Box

Grey Ironbark




New England Oak

Red Mahogany

Spotted Gum


Sydney Blue Gum

Tasmanian Oak