Treated pine is a decking choice made by many. It is resistant to insect and fungal infections and is favoured for this, as well as its strength and affordable pricing.

Softer than hardwoods, pine is a popular, durable, available and renewable choice for decking. It stays cooler in the sun as it reflects heat and is suitable for fences and seating. It can be painted or stained so you can achieve the look you are after in outdoor decking.

Treated Pine decking and slats come in a range of sizes, such as 90×22 and 70×22.The pine is sold in pack sizes varying from 100 lineal metres up to 700 lineal metres.Check our catalogue for details on pack sizes. Treated Pine decking gone through a CCA or ACQ treatment and is treated to an H3 grade.

As pine will, to an extent, be naturally affected by moisture and weather conditions, remember to allow for expansion and contraction by retaining measured gaps between boards, which can be nailed or screwed onto bearers/joists.

Renovator Auctions has a wide range of treated decking timber at our auctions every Wednesday from 10am. That means you can snap up your needed decking materials at fantastic auction prices!

Bring in your plans and discuss what you need with our friendly staff. They’ll be happy to help you with what you need. Let us know if you’d like to inspect what’s available or if we can place a bid on your behalf if you can’t be here in person.