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Freestanding Electric Stove

Freestanding Electric Stove

We’ve got some tempting treats for the Master Chef of any household in our Renovator Auctions home appliance section. If you’re looking to buy an electric stove, a gas cooker, or an induction cooktop, be sure to take a look at our catalogue and see what’s on offer each week. Why pay full retail price for top brands when each Saturday from 10am you can grab yourself a quality cooking stove at a fraction of the retail price?

Now you’re cooking!
Kitchen renovations can be pricey, and by the time it comes to fitting out the essential appliances including a dishwasher , you don’t want to be left short. Thanks to our great prices at auction, you can rest assured you’ll afford plenty more by doing it differently and buying through us at auction. Our friendly staff are more than happy to give you expert advice and assistance. We pride ourselves on providing great service and will even make your bid for you, if you can’t attend on auction day. Just give us a call or come in and have a chat, a browse, and see what’s on offer.

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