Best Value and Style in Bedding and Mattresses in Sydney

Having the right mattress is essential to getting a good night’s sleep. Your health, happiness and well-being all depend, to a very large extent,  on the size and quality of your mattress. That’s why finding the right one among all the bed stores in Sydney is an important and long term decision.

Click the menu to the left of this page to browse through some of Australia’s best value and highest quality mattresses available here each week. Renovator Auctions have all types of mattresses, including:

  • Single mattress
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  • Queen Size mattress
  • King Size mattress
  • Australian Mattress Sizes

It is important to keep in mind that you spend about one third of your life in bed. So you’d want to choose a great one! Finding the right bed and mattress is the first step to getting a good restful night’s sleep,to rejuvenate you for each new day ahead. It plays a fundamental part in your well being.

Manufactures of superior quality beds and mattresses have brought both experience and industry knowledge to their designs and productions. RENOVATOR Auctions has a constant supply of such reliable stock, backed by industry knowledge, research and development, and superior quality manufacturing.

The beds and mattresses that make their way to our auctions here are from outstanding brands, with features and options that include pressure-relieving comfort, orthopedically correct support and long-term durability.

Check our catalogue for what’s available this week and come and claim your well-deserved bargain at a great affordable price.