Cypress Pine Decking

Cypress Pine Decking2015-10-09T01:04:20+00:00

Cypress pine flooring brings a warmth and charm to areas, with its typically unique, tightly knotted appearance. For decking, it offers an economical option while still having a viable durability.

Cypress pine decking is considered more robust than treated pine and less susceptible to damp or water. It has natural resistance to fungal infection and termites and is less inclined to warp than treated pine Its naturally resinous quality is known for its pleasant smell and is maintained by initial layers of coating, and then periodic oiling, to keep it from cracking. Otherwise, it is more susceptible to drying in direct sunlight than treated pine or hardwood.

Cypress decking comes in a range of board sizes and pack sizes.
Serrated or ribbed decking also available.

Renovator Auctions has some of the best priced cypress pine decking Sydney has to offer. At our auction prices you can choose from a range of sizes in boards and packs and be building your new deck in no time.

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