One of the keys for value adding when renovating a property for a future sale is to have bathrooms that appear much larger than they actually are. The aim is to encourage prospective buyers to think what could be quite a confined bathroom, is roomier than it actually is. The challenge is for home renovators to make their smaller bathrooms appear large and spacious.

Although this can sound tricky, there are quite a few bathroom decorating hacks which you can use to create the illusion of more generous bathrooms.

  • Forget creating a ‘colour statement’ in a smaller bathroom.

Unless you are an extremely talented designer, stick to pale colours, or white in a bathroom. Dark colours or patterned walls always give the effect of making a room look smaller.

  • Always choose bigger size wall and floor tiles.

The less grout the better, not just for DIY tilers, but to give the impression of a larger bathroom. So, choose medium to large tiles.

Free-standing vanities tend to encourage your eyes to block out the whole area of the bathrooms in which they’re installed. Whereas hanging vanities allow your eyes to follow the floor lines running underneath, and add to the illusion of a larger bathroom.

  • Choose vanities that are smooth lined and pale.

Fuss, frills and crammed in; all confuse your eyes, and emphasise how small your bathroom actually is. Encourage your eyes to quickly skim through the room, by applying the less is more principle.

  • Mirrors, large and bold

One of the oldest tricks in the interior designer’s handbook, is to hang large mirrors in small rooms. Their reflections always give an impression of bathrooms being more roomy than they actually are.

  • Let the light shine in

An exterior facing window, with glass that is patterned just enough to allow privacy, allows for every corner of the bathroom to be flooded with natural light. Dark rooms generally look small and pokey, whereas well-lit rooms usually look light and airy.

  • Do away with the bath

If there is a fully furnished bathroom elsewhere in the home, consider taking away a second bath and just having an open shower recess. Other upwardly trending fashions are to have an open shower recess, or a fully glass encased shower recess, both of these will definitely increase a bathrooms appearance.

For more ideas and inspiration check out both Houzz and Pinterest.

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