We’re all looking for fantastic furniture lounges at a cost effective price. At our Sydney auction warehouse, you just might be able to find this winning combination. You might think of auctions only as a way to sell a house; what you might not realise is some of the big auction showrooms actually stock high-grade furniture. Of course, most things bought by auction are usually sold significantly under retail price and are excellent value, including fantastic furniture lounges.


How do auctions work?

Renovator Auctions usually stock a diverse range of Building Materials and Home Improvement items. Most will separate the goods to be sold into two or more specific categories, and days when auctions occur usually only sell the one category of items. Our fantastic furniture lounges are always found in the Home Improvements group.

We always have the items up for bidding listed well before the day of the auction, so prospective bidders can see what stock is available. Many bidders arrive at the showroom before the auction is due to start to view what the actual items are like and to make sure they fulfil their expectations.

Renovator Auctions lists a particularly large and diverse range of items, so we follow a different bidding format so most items can be bought by second and often third bidders. It’s an easy process to follow, so if you haven’t read our Guide To Bidding At Auctions, click here. Many first time bidders choose to come in on a non-auction day, and chat to our friendly staff, or have a guided tour of our warehouse.

What type of furniture is available?

Most furniture available at Renovator Auctions warehouses is demonstration, product over run, or furniture than has replaced by newer styles. Typically, our  fantastic furniture lounges up for bidding is a higher quality than you would normally be able to purchase.  Most of furniture available through auction is even sold backed by the usual Warranty.

Although many kitchen, laundry and bathroom furniture and accessories ideal for renovations are available via auction, there are often a good variety of lounge suites and chairs also listed. Generally, our fantastic furniture lounges are available in neutral, suit anywhere colours. Lounge models often include electric layback chairs, perfect for relaxing in front of the TV on a winter’s evening.

How often are they on sale?

Renovator Auctions showroom include fantastic furniture lounges in our ‘Home Improvement’ catalogue.  And generally, Home Improvement auctions are held once a week, on a Saturday.


You need to be prepared; there are often such a huge range of fantastic furniture lounges and other Home Improvement items available for bidding, and prices are usually so competitive, that many first time bidders and renovators find numerous items they want. So, you might need to bring the credit card.

Maybe it’s time you took advantage, not only of the few more temperate days of Sydney weather, but also the affordably priced decking timber at Renovator Auctions Western Sydney, and replaced the tired decking around your property. Check out Renovator Auctions Home Improvements Catalogue to see what we have in stock this week.

To view the incredible range of Fantastic Furniture Lounges at Renovator Auctions Western Sydney come and visit our showrooms at 28-34 Orange Grove Road, Liverpool (Warwick Farm), phone: (02) 9822 7883, fill out the form on our contacts page, or email us. For even more inspiration and tips like and follow us on our popular Pinterest and Facebook pages.

* Any items mentioned or shown in pictures might not be available at Renovator Auctions at the time you visit.

*This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. DO NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning to carry out any renovations to your home or business we highly recommend that you arrange for an accredited professional to visit your premises to advise on your SPECIFIC requirements.