Let’s face it, if you’re a gorgeous girl, a terrific teenager or a metro male – everyone wants to give themselves a quick check in the bedroom mirror before we go out and face the day.

 But putting up a bedroom mirror needs a little bit more care than just marking a spot on the wall, hitting a nail in and hanging it.

 There’s a lot of factors which need to be taken into account before you even make a purchase, let along hang your bedroom mirror.

  1. What size is your bedroom?

It might seem obvious, but the type of mirror you choose can either enhance your room, or work against what ‘look’ you’re trying to achieve.

Small bedroom should go for:

  • Bevelled* edges –won’t divide your bedroom and generally gives the impression of a larger room
  • Medium size – big bedroom mirrors can easily over-dominate your room, smaller ones won’t offer any décor benefits
  • Door Mirror – one of the trending styles is to choose a mirror which will take up the space of your bedroom door, and not using small bedroom wall space.

If your bedroom is large, go for:

  • Thicker Framed edging – bevelled edged mirrors can easily ‘look insipid’ or unfinished on larger walls
  • Medium and larger size or even a collection of mirrors of different sizes – creates interest as well as allowing for your final check in the mirror.
  1. What style is your bedroom?

Unless you are an extraordinary designer, a bedroom mirror needs to reflect (no pun intended) the décor style of the rest of your bedroom.

If your bedroom décor is retro, go for:

Metal, cut bevelled glass, or a wood framed bedroom mirror

If your bedroom décor is minimalist, go for:

  • Either a thin framed or bevelled edge mirror

If your bedroom décor is Scandi or New Nordic, go for:

  • A wooden framed mirror which to highlight other wooden accessories, or a bevelled


  1. How well-lit your bedroom is.
  • mirror If your bedroom décor is Geometric, go for:
  • A metal frame, which will work in well with metal lightshades.

If your bedroom décor is Plush, go for:

  • A mirror with a decorative bevelled edge
  • A carved frame bedroom mirror
  • A bedroom mirror with a soft plain or painted frame

If your bedroom is on the darker side of the house go for:

  • A larger bedroom mirror with thin lined, or bevelled edges to give your bedroom a light and airy look

If your bedroom is already light and airy go for:

  • A heavier frame on a medium to larger style mirror


  1. What is the purpose of your mirror?

It’s obvious when you think about it – the shape of your mirror can dictate its uses.

  • If you want a mirror to be your morning fashion checker you will need a longer, rectangular mirror
  • If you want your bedroom mirror to provide a focal point in a larger room, think of an ornate frame or bevelled edge bedroom mirror, or a group of assorted mirrors
  • Curved or soft wooden framed mirrors will add to an ambience of natural relaxation which will work in with a plush bedroom décor

Whichever bedroom mirror you choose, keep a look out for our Home Improvement Catalogue. Renovator Auctions often have all types of mirrors listed at one time or another, and it’s difficult to get a better buy on new and display mirrors anywhere else.

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*What is a bevelled edge mirror? A mirror whose edges have been ground, polished, and sometimes etched with a stylish thick or ultra-thin pattern.

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