Renovation Blunders – go on admit it – you wouldn’t be a DIYer if you didn’t have any house renovation fails.

In the interest of good fun – we’re running a Facebook contest to find the most extreme house renovation fails you’ve experienced.

A quick check around our staff found nearly everyone has had some house renovation fails, especially early in their renovator career. Luckily most house renovation fails are pretty easy to fix, or don’t really present too much of a problem, but some we’ve heard about, have cost the property owners big dollars to make right.

Some of the renovation blunders our staff were willing to share are;

  • a security door unfortunately placed to strategically smash an outdoors light every time there was a gust of wind
  • a water heater also placed in the path of an out of control external security door
  • a kitchen range hood which stopped working and whose lights melted out, because it was installed too close to a gas stove top
  • tiles laid in the entrance area of a home owned by an elderly person, which acted like a slippery ice skating rink when it was rained on, and virtually trapped the home owner inside during winter
  • cupboards stuffed with wood filler because they didn’t align
  • bathroom tiles leaking water into a cupboard behind the wall of the bathroom

As we’ve said, these are just a few of the smaller house renovation fails our staff would admit to. Most blunders we heard about didn’t cost a huge amount of money to repair (except for the range hood problem, which actually cost quite a lot to replace).

A quick google search found a lot of articles and pictures of house renovations fails.

One website well worth a look is You’ll find enough pictures of extraordinary house renovations fails, to make a DIYer’s blood turn cold. We’ve sampled a few of our favourites:









The Over-Excited Water Mixer                                                                                                                        The Cut-Out Toilet Door

The Wonky Window

The Toilet Paper Challenge


They could happen to any of us.  If you’ve had your own house renovations fails, make sure you click onto our Facebook page and enter our Renovation Blunders Competition and tell your story – you could win yourself $200 just for admitting your mistake.

And one last house renovations fails’ picture from Good Housekeeping, just to make you smile —

The Impossible Driveway


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