One of the Bathroom Renovations’ features we can’t seem to get enough of, is Woodgrain Tiles. They’re one of the most popular style trends we’ve seen for quite a while. And it’s not hard to see why; these tiles have so much to recommend using them in your bathroom renovations.

Woodgrain tiles:

  • have a basic, rectangular shape, which is quite easy to handle during your Bathroom Renovations
  • are easier to place than many geometric, or highly patterned tiles which need careful placement so you don’t lose the all over pattern
  • are relatively easy to grout around due to their large simple shape
  • are usually easy to replaced, so there aren’t too many worries about losing a vital piece of your tile’s overall design if one of your tiles is broken during your Bathroom Renovations
  • they are usually smooth, matt finished, so they don’t have the type of texture which will hold grime, and also aren’t so glossy they show water or shower scum marks
  • unlike many of the more ‘dramatic’ wall tiles which are available, wood grained tile’s natural aesthetic of means they shouldn’t date as quickly as other tiles might.

One of the features which make Woodgrain tiles so popular with DIYers carrying out their Bathroom Renovations, is they can easily be matched into nearly every contemporary design trends. And can look incredible in kitchen renovations as well.

While some DIYers go for an all-over shower recess fitted with woodgrain tiles, or a complete floor, the most popular choice seems to be woodgrain tiles used as a feature to complement white renovated bathrooms. A simple line of woodgrain tiles midway along the whole tiled bathroom area can look both fabulous and tasteful, as can a two or three tiles strip around the bottom of the tiled area.

Woodgrain tiles match all these décor styles:

  • scandi
  • new nordic
  • white basic
  • marble finish
  • minimalist
  • natural

But, the style of bathroom renovations, woodgrain tiles really look amazing with are the white with pastel blue, pink and grey features, which are super popular.

In the past few months, Renovator Auctions have consistently had premium quality woodgrain tiles listed for auctions. But, like every item we have listed, stocks one week can be high and non-existent the following week. So, our advice is always, ‘KEEP WATCHING THE HOME IMPROVEMENT CATALOGUE’. It’s updated every Friday night and is always available to be downloaded as well as accessed onsite.

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