Maybe think inside the box this mother’s day and use some of your left over decking Building Supplies to DIY your mum a planter box.

One of the ‘hot’ items for exterior décor at the moment is anything made from Merbau. Screens, garden edging, fencing; anything made from Merbau are all the rage. So, what mum wouldn’t just love a planter box you’ve put together just for her, made with love out of the ends of leftover decking and Building Supplies.

Merbau’s red/brown colours and hardwood durability make it ideal for exterior furnishings. However, it can be difficult to work with, so you need to have some DIY and tool experience if you’re planning to make one for mum. Full, step by step instructions that detail how to make planter boxes can be found on the BHG website. And, heaps of inspiration can be found on Pinterest pages.

If you’re a dedicated DIYer and you’ve got lots of other wood building supplies leftovers, then simply choose another wood type. For this project, it’s probably best to leave your pine for another day. Planter boxes need to be strong enough to handle all different types of weather, so they should be constructed from hardwood.

There are some particularly attractive hardwoods available at the moment. Look for Mountain Ash, Western Red Cedar, Grey, Shining and Spotted Gums, Messmate, and Tasmanian Oaks. All of these Australian hardwoods have their own unique appearance and can be bought reasonably cheaply at premium Sydney Auction Warehouses.

If you are planning to buy wood, rather than use leftover building supplies, it’s always a good idea to view any wood before you purchase it. Most good Outlets will encourage you to inspect their wood and will have staff onsite who are more than happy to chat to you about your project needs.

Of course, we know that projects for Mothers Day shouldn’t really be based on price. However, we are finding that many DIYers don’t like to pay more for their building supplies than they have to. So, outlets like an Auction Warehouse, whose prices are extremely competitive, are becoming an increasingly popular place to source hardwood timber building supplies.

Pic reposted from Pinterest