Where in the world would you go?

There’s something about auction pages that brings out the adventurer in you. What precious finds are to be found, hiding in the ‘needle in a haystack’ world of online shopping?

Browsing over parcels of land and rustic cottages in foreign places can lead a person to go so far as considering a new life, in a new country – taking up the challenge of living the dream in an ideal rustic setting, for a price that may just be within reach after all. In addition to regular real estate pages, there are tempting morsels to be found in the agricultural auctions around the world – both for realty and the farm and agricultural equipment to work the land. Here are just a few finds that might tweak some inspiration, excitement or interest for you …

Charming Iowa farmhouse, sheds and farming fields – USA – Sept 2016.

Iowa farmhouse for auction

This cluster of farmhouses, sheds and equipment is on its own 6-acre block, adjoining three other large parcels of farming land also for sale in September, 2016.

Winery – West Australia – 2016


If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own vineyard in the beautiful Australian countryside, you may find gems like this one for auction. As the realtor boasts: “Properties with a brand such as this, in a location such as this and with a plentiful water supply such as this are quite rare in the marketplace and this truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity…” This vineyard, ‘Knee Deep Wines’, is nestled in the heart of the world renowned Margaret River Wine Region of West Australia.

winery wa


Costa Rican Cabin, Farm and Springs – 2016

Got a hankering to follow the sun? Maybe Costa Rica is a place for you? It occupies some of the land that joins North and South America, costa rica cabinand is touted as one of the world’s friendliest countries, with green values. Rural properties like this one often have coastal outlooks from nearby mountaintops. Prices are still within reach compared with many other locations around the world, especially via auction. Fruit trees, cabin and fresh natural springs accompany this rustic gem – 9.25 Acres for US$139,500!



If you decide on a ‘tree change’ (or are working on the land), and want reliable equipment to work your property, agricultural auctions are a great source to find tractors, ploughs and other essential tools, at bargain prices.

Sites like those listed here are a veritable treasure trove when it comes to finding great deals on all sorts of items for use in farming, landscaping and land management.


Take advantage of the deals available at the auctions! They really are a great option!
No matter which ball park your price range falls within, auctions can bring the opportunity to find deals at much better prices than you might expect.