One of the trending areas of home renovations for bathrooms, are Frameless Shower Screens. Frameless Shower Screens offer many advantages over conventional fitted ones. However, their installation requires careful planning during the early stages of designing your bathroom’s home renovations.

What are the benefits of having a Frameless Shower Screen installed during my home renovations?

Frameless Shower Screens are both simple and tasteful. They can bring the quiet elegance of a very upmarket building into your living space. Their seamless appearance suits the minimalist décor of contemporary bathrooms perfectly.

How do Frameless Shower Screens work?

Conventional shower screens are made as a unit, with the glass being fitted into a coated metal frame. Frameless Shower Screens are made of toughened glass which doesn’t require to be fitted into any type of frame.  Frameless Shower Screens are usually one sided (without a door) or two sided (with a door), however they can be four sided as well.

Are they safe?

Shower Screens are made from specially formed, toughened glass and all Frameless Shower Screens sold in Australia need to have reached the Australian Standards Association regulations. So, they are as safe as most other types of Shower Screens.

What are some of the advantages of a Frameless Shower Screen?

Ø  apart from their ‘clean lined’ appearance; because they don’t have any edging, frameless shower screens usually make smaller bathrooms look much larger.

Ø  convention shower screens are not always well fitted into a frame, so mould, soap scum and dirt tend to build up in the join areas. This can make conventional shower screens a nightmare to clean. Frameless Shower Screens aren’t fitted into a frame so are usually much, much easier to keep clean.

What are the disadvantages of Frameless Shower Screens?

Ø  nearly all Frameless Shower Screens experience a small amount of leakage, and this is why careful planning of your shower screen installation is so important

Ø  the formed glass panels of Frameless Shower Screens cannot be cut or drilled, so the screens cannot be adjusted to fit.

Why do I need to plan my bathroom home renovations around the Frameless Shower Screen?

Because a Frameless Screen needs to be fitted onto walls tiles, you need to be absolutely sure where the screen is going to be installed, to plan and prepare your home renovations accordingly. Bath and vanity installations also need to be carefully planned to allow enough room to place the screen. Placement is especially important if you are planning on having a sloped, baseless, shower area which requires professional plumbing.

Do Frameless Shower Screens require special drainage?

There are usually two modes of Frameless Shower Screens,

Ø  those which can require centre or sloped floor drainage (typically you will have seen older styles of these in community showers, or top end motels)

Ø  those with a lip and bottom base

What supports a Frameless Shower Screen?

Frameless Shower Screens are usually attached directly to wall tiles or some other durable wall coverings, via rubber backed brackets. However, many companies recommend either a support bar and/or corner bracing shelf also be installed to add extra strength and durability. You will need professional advice to know if this is needed for your home renovations.

How hard are Frameless Shower Screens to install?

In itself, installing a Frameless Shower Screen isn’t hard for any plumber, or highly experienced home handyman. However, there is a high risk of excessive leakage from Frameless Shower Screens, so you really need to have done your research before you start. And there are certain issues, such as misaligned walls and floors which can cause massive issues.

What can I do if I install a Frameless Shower Screen and it leaks?

Depending on where the leakage is occurring, there are a whole range of rubber seals and silicon sealant which can minimise leakage. However, they can interrupt the clean lined appearance of the Frameless Shower Screen, so it is better to minimalise risk of leakage during the planning of your home renovations.

Like every other area of home renovations, planning is the key to successful installation of a Frameless Shower Screen. click here to watch a YouTube video on how to install a Frameless Shower Screen.

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