One of things you should be thinking about when planning your home renovation is how to create open, airy spaces. Living in a house flooded with natural light can elevate our moods and influence us to feel good. Although the latest home décor trends are starting to swing back to darker furnishings, features and accessories, to increase your level of wellbeing a home renovation should be designed to encourage maximum levels of natural lighting.

Large, open plan windows and sliding doors

We all love having living spaces which open out onto decking. There are few decoration techniques which can create a feeling of wellbeing more than larger windows and sliding doors. During summer they can easily be covered with smooth slim blinds, or smooth and stylish light filtering blinds to reduce heat build-up. But, during the other three seasons, large glassed areas can dramatically increase the level of soothing natural light.

Keep it simple

Keeping to simple furnishing, architraves and accessories makes rooms appear larger and more open. So if you’re replacing doors or windows as part of your home renovation, stick to simple designs and décor.  Give any extra bits and pieces of fancy furniture or decorations to the op shop, or have a garage sale.

Use Mirrors

Smaller rooms always appear roomier if they have generous mirrors strategically hung around the walls. Contemporary styles of mirrors are usually better because their simple, plain frames tend to increase how the size a room looks.

Have Lighter Coloured Furnishings, flooring and walls

Light colours reflect light, and are excellent to create rooms which seem more open and expansive. So, choose furniture, and wall and ceiling paint in either white or lighter tones. Light textures and low piles for furnishings are also better choices.

Have open space accessories

In case you haven’t noticed, there are a whole range of accessories which look as if they have been constructed from wire or open weave wooden pieces. These can actually make a room look more spacious.

Buy new-style light shades and lamps

There is also a range of contemporary lighting accessories which are open weave, or have extremely simple designs. Like wire furniture, these can also give the impression of a room being airy and full of light.

Beware of only having ‘mood lighting’

When you’re planning the lighting for your home renovation, steer away from dull globes and shades which will obscure the light. Unless you’re using a dimmer switch for when you are winding down for bed, there should be generous amounts of downlights, spotlights, or other types of lighting to create rooms without dark recesses.

Choose Slim Line Heating

Look for slim lined, wall inserted heating units, with a simple fascia. These are less intrusive than the bulky older styles of heating. And not only give a clean burning light, but also can be an excellent feature.

Keep the flooring pale and monochrome.

Plan your home renovation to have larger, light coloured tiles, plain wooden floors, or pale, low pile carpet. All of these are sure to increase the fresh appearance of your rooms.

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Creating a living space which is full of natural light can be achieved through careful, holistic planning, home renovation and decorating. Not only will your home look clean and fresh, it should also easily uplift your darkest of winter moods.

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