All DIYers who watch renovation shows for kitchen design ideas will be searching for good quality wall tiles and maybe a pink fridge as well. One of the most popular kitchen reveals  recently showcased an elegant kitchen which had a stunning herringbone wall tile splashback. This has been one of the most successful kitchen design ideas that has been showcased on any recent home renovation shows.

Although, Sean and Ella included a pink fridge feature, most of the kitchen design ideas aren’t exactly new or massively creative, but are quite striking. Modern décor often uses retro design elements are actually quite simple and relatively easy for any competent home renovator to master.


Kitchen Design Ideas

  • Clean, simple lines and shapes
  • Colour blocked kitchen cabinets – usually black, red or white
  • Contrasting feature tiles grouted to replicate colour of the cabinets

(although the kitchen tiles used are quite effective, you don’t need to use subway tiles laid in a herring bone pattern – modern décor can be expressed by using any simple shaped, colour blocked tiles).

  • Bench tops which are the same colour as kitchen cabinets or wall tiles
  • Metal-finish appliances
  • Geometric and metal accessories

The kitchen featured in the renovation show successfully combined black cabinets, brushed steel appliances and slim marble look bench tops with white tiles to create the ultra-modern kitchen any home owner would love.

Although these kitchen design ideas can be used to create a kitchen area that is easy to keep clean, Modern décor can be a bit harsh and sterile. So one the tricks that made Sean and Ella’s kitchen so successful is they soften the ‘look’ by strategically using the pink fridge along with light wood accessories, furniture and wooden flooring.  The finishing touches that complete the winning kitchen are the carefully placed green foliage plants, which successfully add a natural element to Modern decor.

It needs to be remembered that the team who renovated the kitchen had the financial backing of the renovation show they appeared on. However, most DIYers, work on a restricted budget, so this is where Renovator Auctions can really help put your kitchen design ideas into practise.

There aren’t too many weeks where we don’t have a large range of high quality tiles, appliances and floating flooring listed for auction. Of course, we also often have premium kitchen fit outs listed as well. But, what makes Renovator Auctions such a useful resource for DIYers is we also have a new kitchen fit out service available. Although, I’m not sure we often have pink fridges listed.

For more Modern Décor inspiration check out Pinterest.

You can have the renovated kitchen to match Sean and Ellen’s winning kitchen. For all the pieces of your kitchen design ideas come and pay us a visit at Renovator Auctions Western Sydney showrooms, 28-34 Orange Grove Road, Liverpool (Warwick Farm), phone: (02) 9822 7883, fill out the form on our contacts page, or email us. For even more inspiration and tips like and follow us on our popular Pinterest and Facebook pages.

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