A kitchen splashback has been amazingly popular in the past decade or so, but now the trend in kitchen décor does suggest that splashbacks are not as fashionable as they once were. Although a splashback still has many features to recommend it, many home builders and renovators are now choosing subway and similar geometric tiles, or even windows which reach down to the back of a sink for their kitchens. 

Some of the reasons why having a splashback is moving out of fashion could be;

  • a good quality splashback can be quite costly when compared to tiles (even though tiles have to be laid)
  • splashbacks usually can’t be ‘made to fit’, so a kitchen needs to be designed around them
  • cheaper ones can mark, scratch or stain incredibly easily
  • high-gloss splashbacks can show up finger or handprints
  • a splashback can be susceptible to heat damage if placed too close to stove-tops
  • as we slowly move away from minimalist fashions, some kitchen designers are looking for more eye-drawing features, such as small, irregular retro tiles

What types of Splashbacks are still popular?

A splashback which is made from materials that are more durable than cheaper acrylic ones seem to be still reasonably popular. There are some new-fashioned splashbacks which are still proving to be winners with renovators and home builders. Distressed steel can look amazing in retro, warehouse, Scandi, or new-Nordic styled homes; although brushed stainless steel is now looking a bit too ‘last decade’. Pressed tin splashbacks can be used as a fantastic eye-drawing feature. However, they can have ridges which will be a trap for grease and other steam so you need to be careful on which ones you choose. Marble or stone splashbacks seem to be able to always look ‘in fashion’. But, these are quite expensive, and need to be cut and installed with a great deal of skill.

What are the problems with tiles?

Many people are still installing a splashback because they don’t have the ‘grout issues’ which tiles do. Overtime, tile grout often shrinks, breaks down or becomes mouldy in kitchens. So, unless you are looking to quickly sell your house after you’ve renovated, be prepared for kitchen tiles to need replacing in the future.

Which kitchen tiles are once again fashionable?

Generally the tiles which are becoming popular are ones that are either quite large or quite small glass tiles. But, still hanging on are subway tiles which have been fashionable for quite a long time. Popular colours are still grey, taupe, stone and charcoal- with grout to perfectly match the tiles. Obviously for the retro or warehouse style of kitchen, renovators are choosing white grout.

What is the newest fashion in kitchen décor?

One of the things we are really seeing come into contemporary kitchen design are windows which reach down to the sink or stove top. These can be a great idea if your kitchen is darker, or you like to see the food you’re preparing in a natural light. However, even windows come with their own drawbacks. Similarly to a splashback, windows also will show up any kitchen grease, steam or fingerprints, so you will need to be super vigilant to keep them clean. And with the trend of wooden frame windows making a comeback, there are obviously the problems associated with keeping the timber clean and mark-free as well.

Generally, no matter whether you choose a splashback, tiles or windows to butt up against your sink or stove top, make sure you purchase the best quality available. Luckily, Renovator Auctions often has many premium kitchen materials available at an extremely competitive price, so it should be possible to renovate your whole kitchen for a price which is still within your budget. Remember, if you can find what want at our auctions, we also offer a custom-made kitchen replacement service.

This blog is general in nature and is ONLY meant to give readers an overview of the subject matter. DO NOT rely on this information for your specific needs. If you are planning any renovations we highly recommend that you talk to professionals before undertaking any work.

Pic courtesy of @sean891